The Euro-jet company exclusively transports goods by road in the entire Una-Sana Canton.

It owns 10 tanks and 9 trucks, 7 of which transport white goods (fuel) and the other two transport black goods (bitumen).

The carrying capacity of the tanks ranges from 31,000 to 33,000.

Partners we work with
- Hifa-Oil
- Petrol BH Oil Company

The security of transportation of oil and petroleum products is of paramount importance for the environment, which is why in carrying out the transport activity, the company meets all international standards for the safety of transportation of oil and petroleum products. In addition, Euro-jet owns state-of-the-art equipment, special vehicles whose tanks are equipped with a system for environmentally friendly loading and unloading of oil and oil products, and trained personnel.

When it comes to international distribution, all vehicles are licensed to enter other countries in Europe.

In addition to the license, they also own:

- ADR certificate,
- CMT Certificates of technical and export conditions
- Pressure certificate
- Colibration certificate

High-end Euro-jet vehicles are driven by professional drivers who are constantly trained for safer and superior driving.

All drivers are certified in International Transport.

Years of experience in goods transportation and successful business with multiple partners are a guarantee of the quality of our services: accuracy, reliability and economic prices.


+387 61 957 178
[email protected]

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