EURO-JET D.O.O. it was founded on December 21, 2005, and already in early 2006, it started operating.

EURO-JET company deals with trade and transportation of oil and petroleum products and catering.

Until 2010, the company owned only one gas station (the Ćoralići gas station).

From the very beginning, the company has been working on increasing its capacity and improving its services, so that today there are 8 pumps owned by the Euro-jet company.

Euro-jet operates in the USK area, with the aim of the company to continue its continued growth and to expand to other cities in BiH.

It is also the company's goal to run a socially responsible business and to manage its processes as a group in order to have a positive impact on society and the environment.

In its work, the company is dedicated to professional service and is constantly working on its improvement, all to keep customers and clients happy.

The strength of our company is certainly its employees, knowledge, and experience that they have with regard to our many years of work in the field of trade and transportation of oil and oil products.

Basic business activities

- Trade in petroleum and petroleum products
- Oil transportation, as well as improving oil transportation in the country
- Participation in domestic as well as international oil ventures
- Research and introduction of improved products that are more environmentally friendly
- Mitigating the impact of oil price movements
- Access oil resources for the benefit of citizens
- Improvement of gas stations with additional facilities such as coffee bars, shops, car wash, accommodation ...
- Competitive management of the Euro Jet in a sustainable commercial manner

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